Pro Perfect Glam Squad

 From Pose to pretty,  we've got you covered!


We are your personalized show prep team. Hair styling, posing presentation, and flawless makeup to put the cherry on top!  We are the finishing touches to your show day masterpiece that make you PRO PERFECT!!
You've worked hard getting here,
let us pamper you and take care of the ,


Pro Perfect Pre Show

Special extentions preparation

Posing Check Ins

Last minute preparations

(nail polish, eye brow arching, lash extensions, etc.)


Show day

Hair, makeup and final posing check-in.

It is our priority to make sure your presence is 

Pro Perfect, we are here for you! 



Founder & Lead Artist

Erryn Costa

Nationally Qualified NPC Athlete

Master Stylist & Image Specialist

Erryn has been in the beauty industry for 16 years, as a salon owner, educator, cosmetologist, and makeup artist. With international publication, clients, and national accolades; Erryn's passion has led her to a strong following and superior customer satisfaction. She truly believes when people look their best, they feel their best, and that is exactly what show day is all about! 


Despite being the smallest in the crew, in early years, Erryn enjoyed lifting with the boys and the big girls. At the time, her focus was more on strength than aesthetics, even though, every lift was accompanied by lashes and lip gloss!


Approaching a benchmark birthday, she decided to take her body to a new level,  living the life of her design and designing the life she desired.  To her own surprise, and that of her family and friends, Erryn made the leap and decided to compete.  After two years as a bikini athlete and national qualification, Erryn chose to merge her two worlds as one, and Pro Perfect was born!   

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